Transforming Leaders and Organizations
Hawthorne Services provides a broad array of Organizational
Development services to clients in northern Indiana and
southern Michigan. We transform leaders and organizations!
Hawthorne Services is the premier provider of organizational development services to clients in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. We are specialists in improving the recruitment and pre-hire process; providing team building, employee performance management, and leadership development training; creating employee promotion and succession plans; and developing strategic planning solutions for businesses and organizations of all kinds.

Who do we help?
Business owners and CEOs preparing for the next stages of growth
Executives ready to enhance the management of their organizations
CEOs and HR Directors determined to hire the best individuals
Top executives who need a plan to hand off their responsibilities
Family businesses who want to prepare for the next generation
Family businesses in need of a family business plan and ready to form a family business council
We create leaders and transform organizations!
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